Schedule: Tuesdays, Thursday-Saturday at Park Avenue. Wednesdays 8-5 and Friday’s 9-2 at Laky’s Salon.
Myers Briggs: ISFP
Services: All Blonding Specialist, Hair Painting, Textured Haircuts, Color, Glossing, Makeup

Always game to experiment with new techniques, Amber enjoys working with a blend of multi-dimensional shades from sun-kissed blondes to bright reds – as long as they adhere to her “flattering and functional” motto. While Amber’s aesthetic tilts toward edgy, her work ethic is nothing short of old-school. She routinely goes above and beyond for her clients because, “I love what I do,” says Amber. “My job is my hobby, and I love making people happy.” She focuses on building genuine relationships that inspire her creative vision. “If you’re going to be someone’s stylist, you have to get to know their personality and bring out their true soul,” she says. “That doesn’t happen without a good connection.” Both her skills and colorful sense of humor are no doubt responsible for turning clients into long-time friends. “It’s not just work to me,” she says. “It’s like hanging out with your friends all day long.”

Education is another important thing to Amber, She says, a favorite quote of hers is “Success breeds complacency. Complacency breeds failure” Continuing and furthering education is important, and traveling each year to learn from the best, has given her the tools to give her clients the best possible outcomes.

Amber’s childhood mostly involved making over her younger sister and friends for her “fashion shows.” That led to her teenage years where a lot of bleaching mishaps on her and her friends happened. She officially joining the industry in 2012, and Park Avenue came to fruition March 2018, after she had been working at Salon Underground (the previous home and basement level location). She bought out the owners of Salon Underground moved into the Main Street level, and what is now Park Avenue.




Schedule: Tuesdays, Thursday-Saturday
Myers Briggs: INFJ
Services: Blondes, Big Hair, Color, Classic Cutting, Extensions, Makeup

Amanda joined Park Avenue in February of 2018, after having worked at a salon in Canton for the past 8 years. Wanting to be closer to her hometown in Pinckney, she decided to take a leap of faith and come to Dexter. Her love for the beauty industry was ingrained at a young age. She’d put on her grandmas makeup and ask her to curl and tease her hair so she could look like Dolly Parton. Fast forward a couple years, and Amanda was traveling alongside her cousin to different beauty pageants, doing her hair and makeup to which she once won an award for best hair.

A big believer of continuing education, Amanda loves to learn the latest techniques for new and trending styles. She loves blonding techniques and voluminous styles that flatter each clients face. The real keys to her success lie in being a great listener and making sure that her clients can reproduce their look at home. One thing that’s important to her, is to make sure whomever is in her chair feels as beautiful on the outside, as they are on the inside. A favorite quote reminisce of her early love for hair and makeup, “I feel glamorous on the inside, so I want to look it on the outside” - Dolly Parton

Amanda says, “Growing up, Dolly was always someone I admired and wanted to be just like! Dolly had a heart of gold, beautiful big blonde hair, and maybe too much makeup! I’ve always had a big heart and just want to make people feel beautiful inside & out!”


Caitlin Kopke

assistant & junior stylist

Schedule: Tuesday, Thursday, & Saturday

Myers Briggs: INFJ

Cailtlin is a recent graduate of Douglas J. Aveda in Ann Arbor, Michigan. From the small town of Adrian, Michigan, Caitlin doesn’t remember a time where she didn’t “do” hair. From the time she was a little girl pretending to cut her grandfathers hair to now, it’s something that has always been ingrained and a natural fit.

As a recent graduate, there is still much to be learned behind the chair. The first two things on Caitlin’s mastery list? Balayage and men’s haircuts. Two vastly different things, she found a challenge in both that is creatively stimulating and peaked her interest.

You’ll be seeing her face around the salon as she’ll be helping with shampoo’s, styling, color mixing, and whatever else we may need. Say hi and give her a warm welcome!