Fall Forecast

One thing we are seeing trending for fall this year, is a modern take on the 70’s shag haircut. The traditional rock ‘n’ roll components are still there- the layered silhouette and fringy bangs. However, it’s been modernized into an casual, heavily textured, and visually effortless look. The typical features that make up a shag hairstyle include choppy ends, layers around the crown, and lots of texture.

This is a great haircut for anyone with natural texture and a loose wave pattern. For those with straight fine hair, the effortless look can be achieved will some, well, effort. Take 5 minutes and throw in some loose waves with your curling iron or wand, spray some texture spray in there, and voila’, you’ll appear effortless for your Saturday morning shopping at Whole Foods.

In this Vogue article, stylists share their take on the trend, and Larry King himself gave it a “big thumbs up.”