Make up.. or Made up?

Wanting Kylie-esque lips? Did that fourth lip plumper you impulsively bought deliver? Unfortunately, it didn’t, as much as you suffered through that burning tingle, it didn’t do anything other than cause you pain, and give you a little redness. Lip plumper usually contains some sort of irritant- like chili or eucalyptus. It creates a temporary sensation that makes lips feel fuller, but unfortunately to get those type of results, you’ll need to head to the plastic surgeons office for some injectables.

Ever heard makeup is no good for your skin and causes breakouts? Makeup, in fact, is not harmful, but the problem arises when you neglect to remove it properly, before going to bed. Get you a good cleanser, makeup remover, and exfoliator. Additionally, when worn during daylight hours, most makeup contains UV fillers, which contains moisturizing and protective properties that protect the skin from the aggressive impact of the environment. Makeup can actually be really great for your skin just remember to wash your face before bed!

You do not have to clean your makeup brushes if your the only one using them? Truth is.. bacteria does not care whether you it’s on your skin, or someone else-it’s there. The longer you leave your brushes dirty the more bacteria grows which leads to breakouts, skin irritation, and sometimes infection (ew!). Foundation and concealer brushes should be washed at least once a week, brushes being used around the eyes twice a month. and all others, at least once a month. A personal favorite cleaner of mine? Dr. Bronners (Seriously I clean everything with it). I love the peppermint for my makeup brushes and the hemp oil keeps the bristles soft.

Women over a certain age should stay away from shimmery products? Do not ever let anyone dull your sparkle! Just keep it in check, and remember— less is more. Shimmery colors can look great on anybody if applied correctly. In fact, shimmery eye shadows can bring older eyes to life. If you want to keep attention away from any wrinkles or crows feet, just apply shimmery shadow to the inner corners of the lid, and the browbone, and use a non-shimmer shade at the outer corners—easy enough!

Don’t forget, you can always ask us for a mini makeup lesson! we recommend bringing some of your go-to products and we’ll show you how to work with them, and make any suggestions.

We’re excited for all our upcoming fall weddings! I love a good fall color palette. What are you guys excited for?